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Data recovery is commonly understood to relate, in the context of enterprise information technology, to the process of restoring data to a workstation, laptop, server, or other external storage system from a backup.
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What is recovery of data?

Find out the basics of enterprise data recovery and how to pick the best backup and recovery solution for your business.

Enterprise data recovery is the process of restoring lost, damaged, accidentally deleted, or otherwise inaccessible data to its server, computer, mobile device, or storage device (or to a new device if the original device no longer works).

Usually, the data is brought back from a backup copy that is kept somewhere else. If you lose or damage your data, you can get more of it back if you have a recent backup copy. For a business to successfully recover data—that is, to avoid losing more data than is acceptable or stopping business because of data loss—it needs a backup and restores plan that meets specific data recovery goals. This plan is usually part of a larger disaster recovery plan.

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